Particle boards

Particle board, 15 mm. is a material made of small pieces of wood and cellulose components. These are merge by using glue with heat to felted together. Some countries are referred particle board as chip board. When comparison between particle board and the genuine wood, the particle boards are cheaper than genuine wood, density more than too. and particle boards are light in the fiber board group. Particle board commonly used in interior wood work that replaced outside such as office furniture, etc.



Lumber or Board, Red wood, Teng wood, Payhom wood, etc. These spanned almost 50 years, with strong durability. It to be used in construction, decorating homes, residential or processed into other products. These have many size to prefer. Also, we gain unsuspecting from customers for a long time.


Wood pellets

Wood pellets are new product that we focus on to reduce global warming. Wood pellets are the one of fuel that replace the coals. Which are causes of carbon monoxide to burn on the atmosphere layer. Wood pellets made from scrap of plywood as long sticks tight. For convenience of derivery to cutomers.